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A home addition adds finished living space to an existing home. Sooner or later, an addition is a universal desire of most homeowners. Even homeowners who claim that their house is big enough may, from time to time, want a bigger kitchen, an extra bedroom, or a larger bathroom. Enter the home addition.

Home additions range from relatively low-cost attic or basement expansions to expensive and expansive full-size conventional additions that require excavation, footings, and additional siding and roofing.

Additions, Attics, Bumpouts...

A house bump out is an addition scaled far down. For example, another 50-plus square feet might be added to your kitchen to accommodate a kitchen island. Or, you might cantilever a few more feet out into thin air to turn a cramped dining area into a comfortable place to eat and socialize. Room additions and bump outs often lay down a new roofline, employing a shed-style or flat roof.

Consider a sunroom, an addition to the side of the house that is usually a supplemental living area. Sunrooms typically can be closed off from the main part of the house and constructed with relative ease.

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